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Our Writer

- LIAN -

Writing is a luxury. Writing is space. Writing unclothes and restores.

What I mean is this: to write is to give oneself the luxury of time and space within, to allow one’s senses and cells to expand to fill infinite space. I say this is a luxury because we don’t get to do this much anymore in our world that runneth over with external stimuli. Life for many is gauged (and lived) on an external level  –   we are conditioned to see and accept things and people on an external plane; we are encouraged through social media to brandish the external aspects of ourselves and our lives; we learn to reveal and value only the external facets of ourselves. 

Writing gives you time away from all that; it brings you back to the truth; the essence; the core – of oneself, another person or a situation because writing unclothes you. It removes all outer wrappings, frippery and baubles, and reveals what lies beyond, behind and within a person or a situation. 

My natural urge is to search out the truth of a person or situation and to find the whole rather than the partial; my desire is to reinstate the true layers, angles and complex textures we have buried; my quest is to express and honour the ‘multiverse’ that each of us is – a complex and beautiful multi-, rather than single-, dimensional being.  

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