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Our Facilitor


Fey’s career path has first taken her through 25 years of Management Training Consultancy. She consulted with a multitude of Multi-National Companies around the world in areas such as Leadership, Influence, & Personal Development, to name a few. Then in the last 15 years, Fey shifted her focus to the nebulous component in any human behaviour - Passion, specifically exploring it through intuitive photography.  She has now come a full circle, and merging both her training skills and intuitive photography talent,  Fey now conducts customised workshops using the modality of intuitive photography. In addition to that, Fey has also created unique ways of portraying Employee/Partner Recognition for organisations, through art installations & photojournalistic exhibitions.

In this new direction, she taps on her personal philosophies -  “learning through fun”, and “heart first, head second” - to enrich whatever she is doing. These 2 philosophies (now possibly her mantras) have seen Fey through the success of her work & in her life, as by merging them she has create her own unique style to produce something powerful.

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