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"Celebrating Active Elders"


a) to celebrate Elders who won’t allow their age to dictate their lifestyle, and are still pursuing their passion ;

b) to motivate other Elders who say “I’m old, therefore I can’t…” because they see examples which says being old doesn't mean being useless;

and finally, 

c) to remind those of us who aren't there yet, but will be one day, that if we want to enjoy our golden years, we need to find & start pursuing our passion now. 

Ultimately, it is to bring our awareness back to what's most important: Human Connection, this time with our Elders. 

Quite often, the Elders in societies tend to be deemed “less than useful” & unmarketable in the work environment, & quite often ignored. Worse still, some Elders label themselves useless with the belief “I can’t, because I am old”. 
We therefore came up with "Celebrating Active Elders" with 3 objectives:
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