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The more we feel connected to the people we work with, and for, the more likely we will do our best for them. This applies in life, and at work.

Company core values that shape company culture are usually only intellectually embraced. However, the extent to which we behave according to these core values is EMOTION-DEPENDENT. Without the existence of positive emotion, the behavioural manifestations will at best only be lukewarm.


To make that leap we work with organisations to design photojournalistic installations to touch hearts at a much more meaningful & personal level. We have all seen how well-taken photographs & well-written copies can tell a story & connect with people at a level unlike any other medium. This is the pathway we have chosen to help employees reconnect.

In the past couple of years, we have successfully customised this concept to impact:-

* Employee/Client Engagement

* CSR through community-based projects

This is our objective – to help humanise & reconnect people by sharing their stories in innovative ways, & thereby supporting the organisation's core values & culture.

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